When applying for a gym instructor role it is really important to create an industry relevant CV. This should include as much information relevant to training and fitness as possible. It must demonstrate your commitment to the role and your interest in the industry.

Qualification & Experience

You need to show you are driven, committed and you have ambitions to continue to progress your career in the industry. A good opening paragraph should be used to emphasise your characteristics and your ambitions. Try and include something about wanting to work in the best facilities and alongside a big organisation. When outlining your qualification, tell them what you studied and if you did well on your exams, include your test results. Any industry relevant experience is good, even if you volunteered at the college gym or a local gym once or twice a week. It shows you have a clear goal.  A good step before or during your Level 2 qualification is volunteer at a gym gain some experience and show people what you can do. Then once you become qualified this will help secure a fulltime position. If you have carried out any school or college qualifications related to the role or any past jobs that show good customer relations these can be key. Tell them your plans for the future, be it to more qualifications or build your own business. Employers like to see ambition within their staff so this will help when applying for a role.

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