For any health and fitness fanatics, it is an unfortunate truth that sometimes injury goes part and parcel with playing sports and working out. Whilst there are many exercises and stretches that can help you, have you thought about your nutritional intake? Diverse Trainers run courses for those who wish to become Personal Trainers or Gym Instructors, so we know how debilitating it can be whenever injury strikes.

Best Recovery Food to Eat for Injured Athletes

You already know that your diet can affect more than just your hunger cravings, but we don’t give food the credit that it deserves. Many trainers already ensure they’re eating protein rich foods such as nuts, seeds, legumes and beans, but when it comes to treating an injury it is best to broaden your cuisine.

Vitamins to include in your diet

Get in as many nutrients as you can through citrus fruits and Vitamin C enriched fruits as it will aid in tissue repair, improve your immunity and form collagen better. When it comes to your vegetables, go for Vitamin A which helps your cells in growth and development. You can get Vitamin A from pumpkins, carrots, spinach and bell peppers.

Why does it matter what you eat?

Most of what you eat should be designed to fight the body’s natural response to inflame the affected area. This means that unfortunately you will  have to avoid any processed carbs and added sugar, instead turn to walnuts, chia and flax seeds. The body will respond to the natural acids and omegas in the food, which in turn will help reduce swelling and reduce any inflammation that you will be suffering.

Keep your portions right

It has never been more important to ensure that you’re eating the right portions. You might be out of commission for a while after injury which means that the huge amounts of food that athletes normally eat won’t be burned off as efficiently as if you were working out. Moderation is key in the road to recovery!

Can I get a degree in Nutrition?

One of the best ways to understand the relationship between food and exercise is through our Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance. This course is ideal if you’re already a personal trainer and want to improve your existing skillset. You can use the information you’re taught to help better yourself as well as provide top advice for clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. Take a look at our Nutrition Sport and Exercise course here.

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