Lily attended the Level 2 Exercise to Music course with Diverse Trainers in October 2016. Before that, she trained and worked as a dancer for several years which led her to be a fully qualified I.D.T.A ballet associate dance teacher. She then went on and taught for dance schools across London. 

Fitness & Health has always been a passion of hers, so when she came across the Exercise to Music course at Diverse Trainers, she knew she had to mix dance and fitness together. 

Lily’s Career Development

After completing the course, with a 96% pass rate she then went on looking for work as a dancer/fitness instructor. She will happily tell you that getting work to start with wasn’t easy as competition was high, especially in London. However, having the support of Diverse Trainers was always a massive help to her as they kept her in the right direction.

She then started getting work as a Dance/Zumba instructor at some local gyms and leisure centres.  She wasn’t fulfilled until she landed a job at Equinox in Kensington as a dance instructor. (Equinox being one of the Top 8 UK’s leading Gyms.) 

Lily is never content and is always thriving for more. She wanted to enhance her knowledge of the gym environment, so she came back to Diverse Trainers to complete the Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor course. 

After completing that she then found her feet. She started teaching for MoveYourFrame, also in the UK’s top 8 gyms. Frame also work in conjunction with Sweaty Betty, so it wasn’t long before Lily became involved with Sweaty Betty.

She also works for Fitness Fusions, Fitness First, dance schools in London and just recently had an audition with GYMBOX, who also want to train her up. 

Here is what Lily had to say..

I personally feel anyone going into the fitness industry must be extremely motivated and dedicated. Doing the Exercise to Music (ETM) course will get you working in gym studios teaching classes, whereas with the Level 2 gym instructor course, you will get in on the ground floor. I’d advise doing both courses with Diverse Trainers. 

I came from a dance background, so doing the ETM was perfect for me because it meant that I could teach dance/aerobic exercise in gyms. However, by doing the level 2 as well, you learn so much more about gym technique which you can incorporate in your studio classes. I don’t only just teach dance now because of this. I teach rebounder, Ass and Abs, LBT and total body. The more you know the more likely you’ll be employed, plus you should want to know more as its your job.

Diverse Trainers was a great place for me to train and hundred percent worth the money. Nothing is ever enough for me, so I will be back with them doing my Level 3 PT qualification soon. Hopefully you’ll see me on the ETM course as a future tutor and assessor.  

Once you complete any course that you decide to do - go to every gym, leisure centre, studio in your local area. Give them your CV, make them know your name by your willingness to learn. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come to you. I hope this helps.

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