You may be at a stage in your life where you have decided that becoming a personal trainer is the career that you wish to pursue, but what path do you take to achieve your career goals?

Sure, you could complete an apprenticeship, but are you sure that this is the best choice out there when you can become a fully qualified personal trainer in a much shorter period of time with the help of Diverse Trainers?

To help you in making the right decision for you, in our latest blog post the Diverse Trainers team provide you with all the benefits of completing your personal trainer course with our team!

The disadvantages of completing an apprenticeship

Of course, by completing a personal trainer apprenticeship you will obtain an academic qualification, gain some real-life experience and acquire some new skills, however an apprenticeship also has some key disadvantages.

For example, whilst on an apprenticeship you could be on a lower wage than your qualified colleagues until you gain your qualification. In some cases, depending on the level of apprenticeship you take, this could be the case for up to four years.

On top of this, an apprenticeship might be a shock to the system at first as you may not be able to learn about the personal trainer industry at a pace that you would like. Your employer may issue you with deadlines and targets that could heap some pressure on your role.

Whereas on the other hand, many apprentices are also given orders to complete unpleasant tasks that their qualified colleagues do not wish to complete. By completing such tasks, your development as a personal trainer is very unlikely to improve.

Blended and online personal trainer courses at Diverse Trainers

If an apprenticeship isn’t for you, then don’t worry, because at Diverse Trainers we have a wide range of personal trainer courses that are designed to help you achieve your career goals. The courses that we supply will supply you with the tools that you need to become an industry leading personal trainer.

The team at Diverse Trainers understand the importance of freedom when completing a personal trainer course, which is why we are happy to offer a selection of both blended and online personal trainer courses.

Our flexible courses mean that you can complete the online coursework and webinars needed to obtain your qualification on the go, so you don’t have to let any other commitments stand in the way of achieving your goals.

When completing a personal trainer course with the Diverse Trainers team you will be provided with end to end support by an experienced health and fitness professional. So, what’s the hold up? Begin your career as a personal trainer by checking out our many PT courses now!

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