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Diverse Trainers Payment Options

Welcome to Diverse Trainers, the fastest growing health and fitness training provider in the UK. We are proud to offer a wide range of REPs approved qualifications in over 20 locations nationwide. All of our courses are certified by Active IQ the number one health and fitness awarding body in the UK.

Our mission is to ensure we offer a range of competitively priced health and fitness qualifications. We want to provide our customers the opportunity to become successful health and fitness professionals, without having to pay out thousands of pounds.

Payment Options Offered by Diverse

Much like our learning methods, our course payments are flexible and designed to work around your life. Take a look at our payment options below to find the best one for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 3841 8309 (South).

The example below is based on the Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma Course.

Pay in
Save £200
1 Payment £999
Pay Monthly
6 months
10% Deposit £119.90
6 Payments £179.95
Pay Monthly
9 months
10% Deposit £119.90
9 Payments £119.90
Pay Monthly
10 months
10% Deposit £119.90
9 Payments £107.91
Pay Monthly
12 months
10% Deposit £119.90
12 Payments £89.93

Paying for a course in full

If you choose to pay for a course in full, the price you see on our website is what you pay. There’s no hidden fees and all our course prices include VAT. Our courses all vary in price depending on the level and length, view the full range of courses online.

The main advantages of paying in full are:

  • Guaranteed the best price for the qualification you are looking to complete
  • No certification delays once you have successfully completed the course
  • The price you see on the website is what you pay, no hidden fees
  • It avoids any payment plan schedules and allows you to have full focus on your learning, rather than how much money is still outstanding

0% Finance options

Diverse Trainers are proud to work in partnership with Divido, who have a great reputation for providing interest free finance options. How does this work? You will have the opportunity to spread the course cost over a 6, 9, 10 or 12-monthly payments, this is paid by direct debit and all finance options can be approved in less than 30 minutes.

Diverse Trainers will complete the full application process with you over the phone, this will take less than 10 minutes to complete and feedback from Divido will be instant. Divido will carry out a credit check once they have received the application and a response will be provided within the 30-minute time frame.

The main advantages of financing your course:

  • Don't have a large amount ready to spend can split into smaller payments
  • No certification delays once you have successfully completed the course
  • Allows you to spread out the payments
  • The finance packages are 0% interest (The cost of a 0% package is slightly more than the cost of a course paid upfront, but gives you the chance to break down payments into manageable instalments).

The course prices displayed on the website show the upfront cost only, but to speak to an advisor and find out a cost breakdown call Diverse Trainers directly on 01772 910 930 (North) or 020 3841 8309 (South).

Personalised Diverse Trainers Payment Plans

If you prefer to take advantage of one of our bespoke payment plan options, Diverse Trainers will devise a more affordable and manageable payment plan that is totally unique to you. The price will be slightly more than the upfront cost but will enable you to spread the payments over monthly payments. Bespoke payment plans can be devised for any of our health and fitness courses.

The main advantages of using our personalised payment plans:

  • You can choose a personalised payment plan to suit your needs
  • It gives you the opportunity to enrol on one of our courses and secure your place
  • You can pay for the course at your own pace, not having to worry about your finances
  • Direct debits are set up but can be altered at any point to reflect your financial situation

Contact Diverse Trainers

Diverse Trainers are determined to ensure that our courses are accessible to everyone, regardless of their current commitments and financial situations. Kickstart your new career and browse our wide range of health and fitness qualifications.  Need advice regarding payment and the best method for you? Call one of our friendly advisors directly on 01772 910 930 / 020 3841 8309 or contact us online.

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