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High intensity interval training is one of the most effective workouts that there is, despite being one of the simplest workout techniques that you can complete.

Commonly referred to as HIIT, high intensity interval training plays a pivotal role in the health and fitness routine of both sporting professionals and those who are aspiring to reach weight loss goals. But just why is it so popular?

Well, in our latest blog post, the experts at Diverse Trainers go into more detail about how HIIT can evolve any workout routine, and provide information on how we can help you incorporate HIIT into the lives of your personal training clients.

What is high intensity interval training (HIIT)?

HIIT is also commonly called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), and is a fairly self-explanatory concept.

HIIT involves short periods of highly intense anaerobic exercise, followed by a less intense recovery period. This technique is then repeated for a set amount of time, or until the person completing the training is too exhausted to continue.

Although there is no time limit for interval training, due to the intensity of the workout most sessions are completed in under 30 minutes, with specific times depending on the participants level of fitness.

Why is HIIT beneficial?

First of all, when done correctly HIIT provides an array of health benefits. Due to the sheer intensity of a HIIT workout, not only will you burn more calories during the session, but the intensity will also kickstart your body’s natural repair cycle meaning you will also burn more calories for the following 24 hours.

Pushing your anaerobic threshold is tough, like really tough. When entering the anaerobic zone, it may feel like the worst place to be, but the advantages are certainly worth it as studies have shown that HIIT training workouts can vastly increase your endurance and heart health!

Also, another health benefit of HIIT is that it can increase your metabolism. HGH is a hormone that’s responsible for increased caloric burn and slowing down the aging process, and HIIT is known to increase the production of HGH by up to an astounding 450%!

In addition to the health benefits, HIIT is also super-convenient. HIIT sessions can be completed pretty much anywhere and all you need is your exercise gear and a stopwatch! Furthermore, as HIIT workouts can be completed within half an hour, they are ideal for those with busy schedules.

Learn to host HIIT sessions with Diverse Trainers

If you are an aspiring personal trainer who is looking to expand their understanding of HIIT and progress their fitness career, then at Diverse Trainers we can help you achieve your aims.

Our Online Level 3 Personal Trainer Course is one of the most popular health and fitness qualifications that we offer, and can provide you with all the skills needed to effectively host personal training sessions in just six weeks!

For more information on this highly popular health and fitness qualification, learn more about the Online Level 3 Personal Trainer Course today.

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    The benefits of high intensity interval training