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One of the key responsibilities of a personal trainer is to create effective and engaging gym plans for your client.

A gym plan means that your client feels confident with a fixed circuit to complete, even when you are not there to offer support. If your client can complete a plan a few times a week, it means that you can try new exercises and routines in your sessions, whilst still staying on track to hit their goals.

The key to success is understanding your client

The most important part of creating a gym plan is to understand the client. By speaking to the client, you can grasp a good understanding of the parts of their body they want to work on, their previous fitness experience and the amount of time and effort that they are willing to put in.

Set targets with them. Targets will help the client to stay on plan and work on their fitness, even when

When creating a personalised gym plan, it is important to ensure that the client understands the proper form of each exercise, this reduces the risk of injury. Walk them through the plan slowly and clearly, correcting their form and ensuring that they have a good understanding of the benefits and risks.

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    How to create a gym plan for your clients