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Over the last year, Diverse Trainers has experienced growth and transformation like never before. Throughout the year, we consistently pushed boundaries, broke down barriers, and inspired clients to reach their full potential in the fitness industry.

As we get stuck into the new year, we are invigorated and motivated to continue our pursuit of excellence in the fitness industry. Diverse Trainers have an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional training programs and fostering the next generation of fitness professionals. We are determined to build upon the momentum gained and continue to exceed expectations.

Certifications and Industry Impact

A graduating class of personal trainersIn the last year, Diverse Trainers awarded over 2000 certifications to the next generation of fitness professionals. This achievement stands as a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality training and education in the fitness industry. Our students achieved remarkable accomplishments; 92% of students graduated into the fitness industry, taking up positions as fitness professionals.

We take immense pride in the achievements of our students and are committed to continuing to uphold our reputation as a leading provider of fitness education and training. Our commitment extends beyond records and benchmarks; it encompasses the individual successes of our students, driving us to maintain the highest standards in fitness education.

Proud Accomplishments

An image of a personal trainer and her studentsLeigh Jones, one of our standout graduates, is transforming the fitness landscape with her Level 3 Personal Trainer Course certification. Leigh’s expertise spans exercise, nutrition, and client management, allowing her to craft tailor-made training programs. Serving as inspiration to other students, Leigh is soon to be launching her own gym this year.

“As a fitness professional, my work is more than just a job to me. It is an experience that cannot be expressed in words. Witnessing my clients’ confidence grow, enabling them to wear a swimsuit without hesitation or fit into clothes they haven’t worn in years, is a fulfilling and gratifying feeling that motivates me,” Leigh said.

Another of our graduates, Daniel Croniken, transitioned from a mundane job to a fulfilling personal training career. “I was at the gym watching other trainers; looking at them on the gym floor with clients. This inspired me and I realised I needed to take the next step to become a qualified personal trainer and start my career in this industry,” Croniken said.

Since graduating from Diverse Trainers, Croniken has achieved his goal of starting his own personal training business. Diverse Trainers helped him secure an interview at a gym, and he began working part-time there while he built up his business. Now, he has left his old job behind and is focused full-time on growing his business and helping his clients reach their fitness goals.

Shaping Success: Diverse Trainers’ vision for the year ahead

Diverse Trainers has launched a fast-track learning option for Level 2 Gym and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications. This innovation, initiated at our Preston Gym, later expanded to our London venue, enabling students to qualify in just two weeks. The program combines face-to-face theory and practical learning in a gym environment, catering to the needs of aspiring fitness professionals.

A group of graduating personal trainers from Diverse TrainersLater this year, we are also set to launch an updated version of the Level 3 Sports Massage qualification. Notably, this qualification will be mapped to SMA standards, gaining recognition from the Sports Massage Association. This is also available with a fast-track option allowing students to qualify in just one week.

If you’ve been dreaming of levelling up your career prospects, and elevating your role as a personal trainer, we have curated the best of our qualifications in the Diverse Trainers Ultimate Package. Tailored for those aspiring to reach the top of the fitness industry, this comprehensive program encompasses courses in Gym Instructing, Sports Massage, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Referral, and Delivering Online Coaching. It is an unparalleled opportunity to excel in personalised training, nutrition, sports massage, and digital coaching.

We are also excited to announce that we will be rolling out a cutting-edge E-learning platform this year. The platform aims to incorporate the latest in online training technology, with enhanced functionality, and improved learning checks. The goal is to provide a smoother, more enjoyable learning experience for students.


Dynamic Collaborations: Paving the Way for Growth

Diverse Trainers proudly announces a new partnership with ELCAS. This collaboration opens up funding opportunities for military personnel seeking to pursue fitness courses, aligning with the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

As Diverse Trainers continues to evolve and innovate, 2024 promises to be a year of growth, enhanced learning experiences, and impactful partnerships. Join the fitness revolution with Diverse Trainers and shape your future in the dynamic world of health and fitness.

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    Diverse Trainers’ Impact, Achievements, and Vision for 2024