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2015 has seen the incredible rise of wearable technology and fitness trackers, enabling us to monitor our fitness levels, everyday activity and overall health with much greater activity. 2016 will see a much broader adoption of wearable technology, as well as other popular fitness trends which we’ve unveiled below…


The mini trampete has had a name change and will continue to rise in popularity in 2016. Going beyond bouncing up and down, rebounding incorporates squats, knee raises and hops that help to strengthen bones and improve muscle tone. It’s very low impact and so is ideal for all ages and abilities – as well as being a great workout!

Strength training

Many people are realising the benefits that strength training has – not just in relation to their workout but in everyday life. Strength training has been gaining traction in the industry for a few years now and will continue to do so.


Still popular, HIIT allows people to get great results in a small amount of time. People have busier lives than ever so the benefits of HIIT are clear and will remain popular in the New Year.

Functional fitness

Pretty much what it says on the tin – improving your ability to carry out actions you use in everyday life such as pushing, pulling, carrying, rotating and even walking and running. Incorporating functional fitness into personal training programmes and gym sessions is a great way to keep up with fitness trends in 2016.

Personal training

As people realise the complete benefits of exercise for health and wellbeing, personal trainers are in increasingly popular demand. From people that haven’t exercised for years to those that want to refine and improve their performance, personal trainers help all different types of people reach their goal and will be a necessity for many moving into 2016. If you want to take advantage of these fitness trends in 2016, get qualified as a personal trainer and tap into one of the UK’s fastest growing industries.

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