You’ve done it, you’ve got your personal training qualification! Now it’s time to think about your next step. Like most people, you’re probably looking to travel or even move abroad. But this option can often feel more natural for other career paths, rather than personal training.

When starting as a personal trainer, the usual route is to start work at a gym (either for them or freelance) and train people who are looking to lose weight or working towards a big sporting event. However, moving abroad can open up a whole world of opportunities for personal trainers that you may never have thought of.

Where Can I Work as a PT Outside the UK?

There are three main ways to take your personal training career abroad. We’ve pulled together all the details for you, so you can choose which option is the right choice for you to help you start your dream of living and working abroad.

1. Training Camps

Even the most dedicated athletes can find themselves with a lack of motivation, when it comes to training on holiday. The change in routine, coupled with being on holiday, can lead to a dip in training for most people, even with the best intentions. By setting up your own training camp abroad, in popular tourist locations, you can provide people with the opportunity to keep focus on their fitness, nutrition and wellbeing while away from home. With your own training camp you can also offer dedicated fitness retreats, a holiday option that is becoming increasingly popular. Getting ahead of the competition in this way, provides personal trainers with a lot of different opportunities and career growth.

2. Hotels

If you want to tap into the tourist industry but are unsure about starting your own business abroad, then working in a hotel is another great way to start a career as a personal trainer abroad. The majority of high class hotels are looking to offer personal trainers alongside their gym facilities as an added incentive for customers to book with them. In addition to this, hotels in high tourist areas are often looking for english speaking trainers, so their patrons can be sure that there is someone on hand who fully understands their fitness needs.

3. Cruise Ship

If you’re looking to travel around, rather than simply staying in one place, then cruise ships are probably the best employment option for you. All cruise ships now have multiple gyms on board, complete with personal training facilities. As mentioned above, people like to keep up with their fitness goals while on holiday, but often need someone to help them focus on their training, creating lots of opportunity for you to work with various clients. Deciding to work on cruise ships allows you to build up your personal training career in one place, while still travelling the world.

Kickstart Your International Personal Trainer Career With Diverse Trainers

Each of these three options give’s personal trainers numerous opportunities to travel, while simultaneously building up your career. There’s no need anymore to have to pick your career over your preferred lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?

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