I undertook the level 2 gym instructor then level 3 personal trainer courses which were held in London and hosted by Brent and Mark respectively. I was very impressed by their tutorship and how they ran the course and engaged with us during the learning and assessment weekend. They both had a friendly and down to earth attitude but were also focused on ensuring we learnt the most we could. They also prepared us very well for the exams and assessments and I always felt confident that I would pass first time.

Learn In Venues With High Standards

The venues itself was excellent. A modern, clean up to date gym with lots of equipment which helped a lot during the assessments as you always had a machine or equipment to use and demonstrate with. I took the course as I want to teach free weights and power lifting, especially to those who would not normally consider using this equipment or doing this training, whether it is because they feel intimated, lack the experience or are just not sure about free weight training. I also believe there a lot of myths that can be busted in the fitness industry, especially weight training, that can help encourage more people to participate in this field for their fitness and discover just how enjoyable and helpful to ones confidence it can be. I am also planning to hold group circuit sessions, also involving lighter weights as well as high intensity cardio to get people fit and strong at the same time, and would potentially offer this as a charitable project to those in society that could really benefit from fitness training to boost their self esteem or help solve lifestyle issues that stop them engaging as fully as they can in society.

Another Recommendation For Diverse Trainers

My time with Diverse Trainers, firstly with Brent, and most recently Mark, has really helped me approach my goals with confidence and of course knowledge which I can now pass on to my future clients. If you are interested in a career in the fitness industry then I would definitely recommend Diverse Trainers. Phil Burman, Level 3 PT and gym instructor, GBPF powerlifter and strongman competitor.

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