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Do your indoor cycling classes need livening up? If you are tired of performing the same old workouts, it is probably time to make things more interesting and increase motivation for your participants. Below we feature 4 indoor cycling class ideas to help you keep indoor cycling classes fun and enjoyable – and keep attendees coming back. You’ll have more fun managing the class and your clients will (hopefully) leave feeling happier and more energized.

1. Cater to different abilities

It is likely that your cycling class participants will have a range of fitness levels and abilities. Some people may get discouraged if your workout is too challenging or too easy. One way around this problem is to give guidance during the workout. You can tell participants they can go low, medium or hard intensity at certain points. This flexibility will ensure classes of differing abilities stay focused and keep their fitness goals on track.

2. Experiment with different routines

Studio cycling classes vary and not all formats will suit every participant. Some people enjoy dark rooms with heavy music and no real structure. Others might prefer a more choreographed session with ebbs and flows that keep the workout interesting. It is important to experiment with different routines and continually refine your workout. Regular attendees will no doubt enjoy the variation while modifying the routine will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t for new participants.

3. Embrace technology

If you want to inject competitiveness into indoor cycling classes, experiment with monitors and scoreboards. These give participants the chance to pit themselves against other members and keep a track of progress through detailed metrics. Or alternatively, you can organize your class into teams (e.g. red, green, blue) and give attendees the chance to compete as a group, which is great fun and allows less able members to feel involved and part of the collective.

4. Ensure good choreography, motivation and music

Good choreography and having a well thought out and varied playlist is crucial if you are to keep participants entertained and engaged. Keep exercises diverse and include both seated and standing cycling positions. Be sure to tell your participants to increase the level of resistance at key moments to keep the workout challenging. Motivational phrases, such as “keep pushing”, will help participants to get the best out of the session. Similarly, giving visual stimulation, such as “keep going until you reach the top of the hill” helps to focus minds and squeeze extra effort.

Always wanted to be a indoor cycling class instructor?

This article has highlighted some of the ways you can keep your indoor cycling classes interesting and fun. To keep participants engaged and motivated, get the best out of indoor cycling and keep a fun environment for all to enjoy, cater to your clientele and experiment with different routines to keep proceedings fresh and enjoyable. Looking to get qualified? You’ve reached the right tutors at Diverse Trainers.

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    4 Top Tips To Keep Indoor Cycling Classes Interesting