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London is a hectic place and eating healthily can become a hard task if you are not prepared for the environment you are going to be in. As everyone seems to be in a rush in London, fast convenient food can become appealing; normally this results in poor quality food choices, rather than wholesome food with high nutritional benefit. Maintaining an active lifestyle requires the right fuel sources that will increase energy, improves mood and benefits cognitive function. Cognitive function relates to memory, attention and attaining knowledge.

Preparing your meals to keep a healthy lifestyle

Preparation is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Being prepared will allow you to make the right decisions as you are prepared. Travelling with your food will mean you never get caught looking for food, it will allow you to eat at planned times keeping your energy levels constant with the right food. Preparing your nutrition will allow you to work out the macronutrients you require throughout the day based on your goals. This could be done on a Sunday night to prepare for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This can save you time and money and allow you to be more productive. It will reduce that craving and buying food that will not benefit your nutritional intake.

Don’t skip the most important meal of the day

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is a very common theme within the health and fitness industry. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will help improve both cognition and concentration. It will provide you with energy after fasting as you sleep; people who skip breakfast tend to have some health issues. Research shows that skipping breakfast can lead to obesity, higher blood pressure, heart disease and potentially diabetes. Breakfast should consist of around 25-30% of your calories and should provide slow release energy throughout the day.

Fresh Nutritional food delivered to your door

There is a rising trend at the moment with professional athletes using companies that will deliver your food ready prepared specifically tailored to your needs. This can cost £6-£8 per meal and they will be delivered direct to your home. You can buy a full weeks work of meals all prepared. YOLO foods, Mealtek and fresh fitness foods are just some of the leading companies. If you have a busy schedule then this may be the answer.

Keep your body active throughout the day

Keep active throughout the day, take the stairs rather than the lift, take a walk on your lunch, go to the gym. If you are stuck and make a bad nutritional decision then make sure you increase your activity during the day. It is important to keep your lifestyle active, along with maintaining a positive relationship with nutrition.

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    Top 4 tips for eating health in London