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If you’re reading this blog post, you are probably looking to make your mark within the health and fitness industry. Whether your aim is to become a leading personal trainer, gym instructor, or something slightly different, Diverse Trainers can support you in gaining the qualifications needed to become a success within your chosen field.

However, along with gaining your qualifications, it is also crucial that you improve your CV to give you the best possible of standing out from other candidates.

Your CV will make or break your chances of securing an interview, so in this blog post the Diverse Trainers team provide you with our top 5 factors to include in your health and fitness CV.

A strong cover letter

A cover letter is not a part of your CV per se, however it is a document that should accompany your CV. Writing a short cover letter allows you to tell the story how you have made it to your current position, re-iterate as to why you feel you are perfect for the job and also provides you with a platform to portray your personality.

For each job within the health and fitness that you apply for, you should write a unique cover letter that is tailored to the specific role that you are applying for.

Detail your experience

Listing your work experience is an obvious inclusion of any CV, but there are a few ways that you can arrange your experience to help it standout to any potential employers.

Firstly, always begin the most relevant, i.e. any prior experience that you may have within the health and fitness industry, and most recent experience. It perhaps may be a good idea to split up your work experience into two sperate sections; experience within the health and fitness industry and experience outside of the sector.

If you currently have no experience within the health and fitness industry, then it is important to highlight any transferrable skills that you have picked up in your previous line of employment.

A list of qualifications

Any health and fitness qualifications will account for a key section of your health and fitness CV. Including details of any health and fitness related certifications, or memberships with respected organisations within the industry will convey to your prospective employer that you are committed to your career.

If you have not got any health and fitness qualification and would like to expand your portfolio, explore the wide range of courses that we offer at Diverse Trainers.


Including educational achievements is also an important part of any CV. Again, your educational grades should be ordered by putting the most recent qualification first.

So, for example if you have graduated from university, the details of your degree should come first, followed by college grades and then your GCSE’s.

Other achievements

Finally, it is also important to detail any other achievements that you have attained in your career that you feel may give you that extra chance of securing your desired role. When commenting on achievements, it is as important to be as specific as possible.

Examples of prior achievements that you can include the completion of projects within specific deadlines, single handily increasing revenue for a previous employer or a collection of testimonials from previous clients within the health and fitness industry if possible.

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    5 top tips to help you write your health and fitness CV