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Applying for finance is like applying for a new credit card. The details you provide will be checked against public registers such as credit card rating agencies. To qualify for finance you must meet the minimum criteria:

  • Be a UK resident
  • Be at least 18 years of ages
  • Be working at least 16 hours per week or in receipt of steady income
  • Have 3 years of UK address history
  • Have a valid phone number and email address

Flexible payment solutions

If you are eligible to receive finance from Divido your sales advisor will then take you through the application process. You will be required to provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Active phone number
  • Active email address
  • Provide details of permeant UK address
  • Occupation and status
  • Marital status
  • Residential status
  • Details regarding your current out goings/dependants

Once you have provided all relevant information your sales advisor will send your application over to your email address so that you can confirm you are happy with the proposal. If you are, you will then confirm your details and agree to the proposal which will then be instantly received by Divido. Once Divido have made a decision you will be notified by them via email informing you of whether you have been accepted or not. If you are accepted for 0% interest finance from Divido you will then be contacted by Diverse Trainers where your Advisor will take you through your sign-up call. During your sign-up call you will make your deposit payment which is a minimum of 10% of your overall course price. On receipt of your deposit payment you will then be registered for your and receive your course materials. If you have any more questions regarding Diverse Trainers personal trainer courses and financing, please refer to our FAQs.

Perfect as an entry level qualification for the health and fitness industry, secure your spot on the gym instructor course.

Contact Diverse Trainers for Divido Finance

Alternatively, if your application is unsuccessful our advisors will call you to discuss further options. To find out more or to see if you are eligible for Divido finance please call 01772 910930

Diverse Trainers provide on of the UK’s most popular strength and conditioning courses.

When applying for a gym instructor role it is really important to create an industry relevant CV. This should include as much information relevant to training and fitness as possible. It must demonstrate your commitment to the role and your interest in the industry.

Qualification & Experience

You need to show you are driven, committed and you have ambitions to continue to progress your career in the industry. A good opening paragraph should be used to emphasise your characteristics and your ambitions. Try and include something about wanting to work in the best facilities and alongside a big organisation. When outlining your qualification, tell them what you studied and if you did well on your exams, include your test results. Any industry relevant experience is good, even if you volunteered at the college gym or a local gym once or twice a week. It shows you have a clear goal.  A good step before or during your Level 2 qualification is volunteer at a gym gain some experience and show people what you can do. Then once you become qualified this will help secure a fulltime position. If you have carried out any school or college qualifications related to the role or any past jobs that show good customer relations these can be key. Tell them your plans for the future, be it to more qualifications or build your own business. Employers like to see ambition within their staff so this will help when applying for a role.

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Use a reference from one of our tutors to help you with the course. Diverse Trainers will help build your reputation. For more career guidance call the team on 01772 910930 / 02038418309

Do I Need to Volunteer To Gain Experience in a Gym Environment?Volunteering is always a good option to gain experience in any career path. As a gym instructor if you can volunteer at a gym this will help with future employment. It would be good to volunteer at two or three different gyms as this will give you a different experience. This will give you a wider view of the industry and understand which gym you would want to work in. If you volunteered for 8 hours a week this would increase your knowledge, show your commitment and improve your employability. If you would like more information from our career development staff contact us today on 01772 910930 / 0203 841 8309.

With the support we provide on the course our referral rate is very low, however if there is a referral on any module you will be able to re-sit that individual element at the next available course date. The multiple choice theory exams is the area in which people are most likely to refer. However the support, E-learning resources and revision calls are reinforcing the knowledge of learners and result in a very low referral rate. There will be a small resit fee for each element, you will not need to complete the full course again – just the element that has been referred. Extra support will be received to help guide any learners when resitting elements of the course and an action plan will be drawn up with your tutor to help you pass the referred unit. For more information about the course and the units involved contact the Diverse Trainers Team.

Our part time fitness instructor courses are designed to fit around your schedule and lifestyle, meaning you can spend as little or as much time working towards your qualification as your life will allow. All the courses are designed to be flexible; you can sign up and do a course the next month or sign up and study for 3 months before you attend the teaching days. The only fixed part of the course is the teaching weekend and assessment days.

Flexible blended learning options

All courses are based on blended learning so this involves a mixture of home study and teaching/assessment days. This means you can work the home study around your commitments and plan around your schedule when you will complete coursework, revise for exams and complete the E-learning. If you have a busy lifestyle with work, family and other commitments this is the perfect way to study as you can fit it around your other priorities. We recommend 4-6 weeks pre-study before attending the course teaching days. This is based upon an hour study every 2 days, or 30minutes of learning a day. If you have a longer amount of preparation time then you might extend this. If you have limited study time then you may want to spend longer on the revision and coursework. One of the most popular qualifications taught at Diverse Trainers that offers flexible learning is the fitness instructor course.

Fitness course study plans

The dates are flexible to allow you to pick the best date that suits you. The support from your personal tutor will break down the course into bite-size pieces that are manageable to your schedule. The action plan will guide your study based on the time before your course. If you have any questions about the course and its layout contact the Diverse Trainers Team and they will work out the best dates to achieve your course.

If you would like to secure your spot on a health and fitness course at Diverse Trainers, contact us online.

Health and fitness qualifications are certificated by awarding bodies. Focus Awards are one of biggest awarding bodies in the industry and both recognised in the UK and worldwide. The awarding body provides all the resources for the courses and set the guidelines for teaching and assessment of each qualification, alongside the certifcation of the course.

Why Diverse Teach Focus Awards?

Diverse Trainers have chosen Focus Awards as our awarding body as the qualifications are excellent and the resources provided for the tutors and learners is industry leading.  We understand their goals for the future and their continued efforts to strive to achieve the best qualifications. If you have an Active IQ, CYQ Level 2 Qualification then you can continue onto a Focus Awards Level 3 Qualification and vice versa. Awarding bodies will recognise each other’s qualification.Focus Awards qualifications are world recognised, REPs and CIMSPA and this is another reason why Diverse Trainers have selected this awarding body. Our learners are keen to move abroad and work in the fitness industry so this is perfect for our students looking to move abroad. If you have any further questions about our qualifications what resources you will receive then please call the team.

REPs stand for the Register of Exercise Professionals; this is a national register for all fitness professionals which maintains high standards of trainers throughout the United Kingdom. As a new trainer in the industry it is a really good idea to sign up with REPs. This will demonstrate to potential clients that you are committed to good practice and continual development within the health and fitness industry.

REPs Portfolio and Resources

REPs will provide you with a profile space on their website which will allow you to write about yourself and clients will be able to search for trainers through this site. You will also be sent a number of resources and have access to journals and guidance through the website and the post. All Diverse Trainers courses are REPs accredited and certificated by Focus Awards which means all our learners can register with REPs once certificates are received.

Commitment to Professionalism

It is not a requirement to be registered with REPs to train clients as long as you are insured. REPs isn’t compulsory however it stands you out as professional trainer and demonstrates to people that you are committed to continual development. Registering with REPs will stand you out above other trainers who are not registered. If you would like to know more about REPs then speak to our course advisers on 01772 910 930 / 020 3841 8309

Once people qualify as gym instructors and personal trainers some trainers want to explore the world and what the industry has to offer in different countries. With our qualifications being certificated by Focus Awards this will mean your qualifications are recognised across the world. We have had past students move around the world and start business in countries such as Spain, France, Australia and Dubai to name a few places. Cruise ships are very popular for trainers looking to travel the world training clients and waking up in a new part of the world every day.

Starting a fitness career abroad

Fitness holiday retreats are becoming even more popular and moving abroad and setting up a training camp that people can come and train for a week or two. With the qualification you have gained from Diverse Trainers will open lots of opportunities both in the UK and abroad. The best thing is to contact the country you are aiming to work in as there may be a transfer fee to change the qualification to be recognised by their country. This won’t involve any extra work, it will involve a fee to convert the certificate this will not cost more than £40 to change this. Then if you move back to the UK it will have to be changed back to the UK recognised qualification. If you have any questions about a certain country you may want to train clients in then call our team who will help and share the process with you.

To get insured as a personal trainer is a simple process first you need to find an insurance provider specific to health and fitness. This can be done via a simple google search for personal training insurance. There are several companies that offer insurance packages for personal training. REPs offer insurance along with a REPs membership so if you want to get registered with REPs you can buy a package that includes the insurance.

Liability Insurance Cover

Liability cover as a personal trainer is really important to protect yourself when training clients. If you are caught training a client with no insurance and something happens to the client then it will be down to you alone.

Personal Trainer Insurance Prices

Once you have selected the insurance company you need to insure that you state all the activities and training you will be doing. If you are training people outdoors in groups then you will need to be covered for this. Insurance prices range for yearly cover from £50+ dependent on whom you are training. If you are training children the insurance price will be higher. The insurance will cover you for up to £10million as a trainer, it’s important to have a minimum of £5million liability insurance if you are working freelance in a gym environment. Most insurance providers will get a certificate to you the same day electronically to cover your training. If you would like to know more about insurance and different providers we recommend then contact 01772 910 930 / 020 3841 8309 and speak to an adviser today.

Once you have received your certificate for your qualification, there are a number of paths you can choose to go down. You may already have a clear plan of what you want to do after you get the qualification. You may already have a job lined up at your local gym or you have a solid business plan to start your own business as Personal Trainer.

Fitness career options

Once qualified you have a number of options, you can work for a gym in your local area, work as a self-employed personal trainer, start your own business or work in a gym. Work with a number of clients if qualified at Level 3, carry out any extra CPD courses that interest you or any extra qualifications you would like to achieve. You may want to travel, with the Diverse Trainers qualification you can use it abroad and is internationally recognised. Travelling to Australia, Dubai or Spain are just some of the places where you can utilise the qualification. The limit is your own imagination when it comes to the fitness industry.

Best practices

Make sure that once you are qualified you get insured and it would be a good idea to register with REPs to show people you are a professional trainer and maintain high standards by being on their register. If you would like any career advice you can speak to the tutor on your course, support tutor or the course advisers. They will all be willing to share their experiences with what they have done and are doing. If you want to know more about the qualifications to achieve your end career goal then call 01772 910 930 / 020 3841 8309 and the Diverse Team will guide you on the best courses.

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