REPs stand for the Register of Exercise Professionals; this is a national register for all fitness professionals which maintains high standards of trainers throughout the United Kingdom. As a new trainer in the industry it is a really good idea to sign up with REPs. This will demonstrate to potential clients that you are committed to good practice and continual development within the health and fitness industry.

REPs Portfolio and Resources

REPs will provide you with a profile space on their website which will allow you to write about yourself and clients will be able to search for trainers through this site. You will also be sent a number of resources and have access to journals and guidance through the website and the post. All Diverse Trainers courses are REPs accredited and certificated by Focus Awards which means all our learners can register with REPs once certificates are received.

Commitment to Professionalism

It is not a requirement to be registered with REPs to train clients as long as you are insured. REPs isn’t compulsory however it stands you out as professional trainer and demonstrates to people that you are committed to continual development. Registering with REPs will stand you out above other trainers who are not registered. If you would like to know more about REPs then speak to our course advisers on 01772 910 930 / 020 3841 8309