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The health and fitness industry is growing exponentially, with new fitness crazes, trends and companies appearing across the UK. The hype around the industry and events like BodyPower EXPO, SFN Expo and Leisure industry week are inspiring people to get into fitness and achieve their own personal fitness goals. With a number a resources available to people through social media, magazines, and internet sites it’s difficult for someone starting out to train or aiming for a new goal to know the best approach to training. If you are interested in fitness, enjoy training yourself, and have a passion for helping people then the personal training role is for you. With a number of potential clients wanting to be trained, achieve goals and improve their lifestyle they will be seeking your guidance and motivation as a trainer. The opportunities are endless as a personal trainer and you will have a career that will get you jumping out of bed and constantly active.

Steps To Becoming a Personal Trainer

To become a personal trainer you need to achieve both the Level 2 Gym Instructors qualification and the Level 3 personal training qualification.

Step 1: Sign up for a course

At Diverse Trainers we offer a fast track Personal Training Diploma. This course will equip you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge to be a successful Personal Trainer in the fitness Industry.

Step 2: Gain some experience

Go to your local gym, speak to current personal trainers, ask the gym if you can shadow a session or even work a few hours in the gym environment. This will be valuable to you in the future as potential clients will be available for you to interact with.

Step 3: Know who you want to train

Having a niche market that you want to train is great, it will allow you to focus your efforts on attracting this specific client group, whether this is new mums, sporting individuals, office workers, obese population, horse riders etc. Understanding who you want to train will allow you to research that area, so when you qualify you have built up the knowledge and understand the client group.

Step 4: Complete the course

It’s important to take the appropriate steps to ensure you are covered as a PT and have the best start to your career. Signing up to REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) would be a good idea. This will give you the professional backing as a newly qualified trainer.  Insurance is the next step, to cover your training sessions with your clients. This can be bought as a package with REPs or bought separately through specific companies for Sport and Leisure.  A first aid qualification is also vital as training one to one with clients you are responsible for them, and this will improve your personal development.

Step 5: Build your client base

Whether you are working in a gym or working as an outdoor or home trainer, you will need to build a solid client base. Consultations, taster sessions and group training are all great ways to start that process. Build your reputation and always keep learning, studying and researching. You can carry out extra CPD courses and learn new skills that work well with personal training such as the Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage. Enjoy the role and always be positive, motivational and supportive to all your clients, and you will enjoy your job!

Benefits of Personal Training

The main benefits of being a personal trainer is that you are your own boss, you are self -employed, chose your hours and work around your clients availability. You will have the time to train yourself and achieve your personal goals or train with some of your clients, who enjoy competition as motivation. You will have the potential to earn a large salary per week, based on the number of clients.

Potential Weekly earnings as a Qualified Personal Trainer

Client Numbers Type Cost per Unit Totals
20 1 to 1 sessions £30 £600
40 Group sessions (x2) £5 £200
10 Training Programmes £20 £200
Total Weekly Earning £999   (based on approx. 35 hours)

  A career as a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding and life changing roles within the fitness industry. You will empower, motivate and change the lives of people through your attitude, commitment and motivation towards your clients. It’s not always about having the cover model physique for clients, simple things like being able to run around with their children in the park and not have to sit down after 5 minutes. Complete a half marathon after having low confidence and having the sense of achievement. Your clients will bring you their goals and you will push them to achieving them and surpassing them. That is rewarding!

Get started in your new career by signing up to the part time gym instructor course.

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You can also take the advanced diploma in gym instructing and personal training course online!

Start a new exciting personal training career today

If you have read this article and you’re maybe stuck in a job you don’t enjoy or you are looking to turn your passion into your full time career, then Diverse Trainers are available to talk to you today. Why wait for next week when you can make a change today, start a career that’s fresh every day, you don’t have to answer to anyone else as you are the boss. Contact us to speak to one of our tutors on the best options and personal trainer courses to suit your needs. To discuss which course would be best suited to your ambitions, contact Diverse Trainers online.

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