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Wearable tech has shot into the limelight this year with some big technology companies including Apple and Samsung launching smart watches and integral fitness apps that let users keep a constant measure on their health and fitness. Blood pressure and heart rate monitors, calorie and activity trackers, biometric and sleep pattern monitoring…the capability of smart watches is immense and as a result is set to revolutionise the fitness industry even further in 2015.

The Freedom to Control Your Fitness

Wearable tech like smart watches has given people more power and freedom than ever before to control their fitness on so many levels, whether they’re looking to enhance their wellbeing through diet or push themselves to the limit with intense fitness training and response monitoring.

However, while all this information, monitoring and tracking is great, wearable tech still can’t push you to do your workout when you can’t be bothered or correct your form when trying out a new exercise. You still need a personal trainer for that!

How Personal Trainers Can Use Wearable Tech for Fitness Sessions

Personal trainers can use wearable tech to enhance their fitness sessions for clients. The information and data they gather can be invaluable in planning future sessions and exercise or nutrition plans based on the client’s goals.

Fitness professionals use their own knowledge, skills and experience to provide you with the service you expect and ensure you get the results you want. For all its usefulness, wearable tech simply can’t replace that bespoke experience and advice that personal trainers can provide.

Want to Become a Personal Trainer?

So, it seems that wearable tech is great for individuals that are already motivated to work out and work with a personal trainer to plan their workouts and keep their techniques on form. Until a cyber personal trainer is available to purchase on the market, you can’t beat a qualified and experienced personal trainer!

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    How Wearable Tech Changed Fitness in 2014